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One More Thing to Worry About

Commercial property owners, who already are dealing with shrinking revenue, now must comply with tighter water restrictions in California.

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February 10, 2009 North Bay Business Journal (Calif.)
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The prospect of having to spend thousands of dollars to comply with tighter water rationing couldn’t come at a worse time for commercial property owners who are dealing with shrinking revenue.

On Feb. 2 the Sonoma County Water Agency called for a reduction of water use by 30 percent to 50 percent this year for the 750,000 people served in Sonoma and northern Marin counties, and managers of commercial property are starting to look for ways to cut back.

The sources of savings for commercial real estate vary by property type. Interior uses include faucets, toilets and cooling towers in office buildings to wash-down facilities and boilers for wineries or industrial users to dishwashers and kitchens for restaurants. Yet irrigation of landscaping is a big area to look for potential cuts.

Agilent Technologies in northwest Santa Rosa, Calif., was fortunate to have undertaken a major overhaul of its landscaping last year as part of a $50 million renovation project. The company hired Richmond-based Pikolinos ROYAL W4D womens Mid Boots in Pay With Visa Online NlfwdxhU
, one of the largest landscaping contractors serving the North Bay, to replace most all the turf with drought-resistant plants, install “smart” irrigation controllers that adjust themselves based on the weather and set up the system to use reclaimed water.

The contractor also has been working for a while with Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. on changes to the expansive landscaping around its Novato campus. Novato-based large landscaper Cagwin Dorward used the BayFriendly system by to replace traditional landscaping at Equity Office’s Drakes Landing office property last fall.

However, holding onto tenants is a far higher priority for many property owners than saving water, according to Ed Lewis, director of the property management division of Keegan Coppin. The group manages 90 properties with almost 1,000 tenants and 2.5 million square feet.

Vacancies are rising as companies trim their staffs, shut down or relocate to more compact quarters to ride out the turbulent times.

“We’re spending a lot more time dealing with tenants that are behind or calling for help or walking away from leases,” Lewis said.

It’s also tough on owners of property whose tenants are leaving for a better deal elsewhere. One of the buildings Keegan Coppin manages was examined eight months ago for water-saving upgrade incentives offered by Santa Rosa. One bid to replace turf and sprayers ran about $15,000, not counting up to $4,000 in rebates. Yet the pending loss of a key tenant has put that project on hold.

North Bay Commercial Real Estate is talking to landscaping contractors about economically feasible water-conservation options for the 80 properties the firm manages in California and Arizona, according to General Manager Dennis Park.

Some of the properties already were scheduled for a transition to drip irrigation before the economy soured. Now, the owners are hoping they can get by for some more months before having to pay for the work, yet the owners hope to avoid paying higher rates or fines for water use during rationing.

“If the weather persists like this, it may force our hand,” he said.

One approach developed from the days of the last major California drought is use of compost and mulch to foster symbiotic microorganisms. Developing this “soil food web,” as it’s called, can increase the moisture-holding potential of soil by up to 30 percent, according to Jacob Voit, sustainability manager for Cagwin Dorward. He pointed to early work in this area by the founders of Gardeners’ Guild.

Cagwin Dorward is developing a return-on-investment calculator for working with companies on reducing water use without soaking their landscaping budgets or dipping into their emergency-repair reserves, according to Voit. The goal is to eke out small savings now to fund pay for big savings later.

“We say, give us a few more hours a week to adjust the system, and if after saving 20 percent for six to 12 months, they can use the savings to convert from spray to drip or from turf to native plants,” Voit said. “Some of our commercial sites are really big, so 20 percent is a lot of money.”

Other commercial property owners have built-in water-wise improvements in their budgets. Since the late 1970s’ drought, overhauling properties to cut energy and water use is part of the acquisition budget for San Rafael-based Seagate Properties, which owns more than 2.5 million square feet, including the Montecito Plaza shopping center in San Rafael and the San Rafael Corporate Center office complex now being expanded.

“We knew it would happen again, and sure enough we’re here again,” said partner Wick Polite.

The company is pursuing certification of the San Rafael Corporate Center under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. One of the requirements on the certification checklist, as well as on a checklist being developed by the Bay Area Green Program for property managers, is dramatic reduction in water use.

Water agency director Randy Poole will be holding a seminar at the Doubletree Hotel in Rohnert Park on Feb. 27 to teach business owners how to adapt to the water rationing. The water agency and other local governments offer to audit water use on a building to identify sources of waste.


Emory Knoll Farms in northern Harford County, near Baltimore, grows plants for green roofs.

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Real Estate Deed Forms FAQs

How do I add a name to a property deeds title?

A property transfer may be made using a new quitclaim or warranty deed. The grantor or grantors will sign deed with the names of the current owner(s) to themselves plus the new owner, either as a joint tenants or tenants in common. After it is notarized and recording requirements are followed, the new owner will now have an interest in the property.

What is a fiduciary deed?

This is used by a fiduciary, such as a trustee, to transfer property to another, such as from a trust or under a trust deed or deed of trust.

Do deeds have to be notarized?

Yes, the grantor will sign the deed form in front of a notary so that it may be notarized at the same time. This is a legal recording requirement for land title transfer deeds, whether a deed of trust form, quitclaim, deed in lieu, fiduciary deed, or other type is used.

What property deed forms do you offer?

We have all the blank transfer deed forms used to transfer real property title, such as quitclaim deeds, grant deeds, warranty deeds, deed in lieu of foreclosure forms, deeds of trust forms, fiduciary deed, and many more land deed forms. All of our blank deed form templates are professionally drafted to comply with the law where the land is situated. Free sample deed forms are available for preview. It's important to use a quality transfer of deed form in the sale or transfer of property due to the value of the property involved.

What is a quitclaim deed?

Quitclaim deed forms are a common way to transfer property, but don't include the same warranty of deed as in a warranty deed. The interest in the property being transferred isn't guaranteed to be free from third party claims. A quit claim deed is often used to transfer land title in cases of divorce or between family members when there isn't doubt regarding ownership or liens. Quit claims are often used to simply add or delete a name from a deed or put real estate into an LLC or trust. The grantor doesn't warranty clear title in a quitclaim deed and conveys only the interest in the property held.

When is a warranty deed used?

Warranty deeds are a popular form to transfer real estate title. The real property title described is also guaranteed not have claims on the real estate, such as back taxes or liens. A warranty deed is a property deed that says the grantor has an interest in the land that is held with clear title. In some states, it may be called a grant deed or deed of warranty.

Is how to quit claim deed different from other deed forms?

Sometimes people mistakenly call it a quick claim form and assume it is a faster way to deed property. However, the procedure to quitclaim property is the same as for a warranty deed, deed in lieu of foreclosure, etc.. Quit claim deeds need to be signed by the grantor, must be notarized, and are subject to the same recording requirements.

When is a deed in lieu used?

Deed in lieu forms, also called a deed in lieu of foreclosure, are often used in negotiations with mortgage lenders when the owner is facing foreclosure. Basically, the debtor agrees to transfer the land back to the lender in exchange for not bringing foreclosure proceedings.

Other Deed Forms

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Design Your Dream Home Mountain Landscape

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Landscape Technology Group understands the unique care and thought required for lawns and gardens in the Vail Valley

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Landscape Technology Group understands the unique care and thought required for lawns and gardens in the Vail Valley

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Our Team

Landscape Technology Group understands the unique care and thought required for lawns and gardens in the Vail Valley

Our Services Our Team

Landscape Technology Group understands the unique care and thought required for lawns and gardens in the Vail Valley

Our Services Our Team

At Landscape Technology Group, we’re committed to making your home’s or business’s most inviting room outdoors. We provide Stella mc cartney Pumps Marketable Online g19PLL4vO
, landscape architecture, as well as complete Atelier Voisin Womens Winner Desert Boots Supply Sale Online Lmzp4o
for homes and businesses in the Vail Valley.

Since 1998, Landscape Technology Group has been a favorite of landscaping companies in Vail, providing landscape services rooted in trust, integrity, professionalism and excellence to Colorado’s mountain communities, stretching from Breckenridge to Aspen to Bond.

We have worked on some of the Vail Valley’s most exciting and unique residential, commercial, and municipal properties, yet we also take pride in enhancing existing landscapes with personalized landscape architecture, design, and installation. No job is too big or too small for our landscaping company.

Our experience spans aspen groves in East Vail to piñon and sage fields in Sweetwater, so we can maximize and maintain the potential of any property. Our professionally trained and talented team of landscape contractors shares a culture of enthusiasm for a job well done and for providing every client’s complete satisfaction.

Landscape Technology Group strives to lead our industry through involvement in our community and professional associations that promote education and quality. A foundation of integrity, innovative design, and competitive pricing has made us one of the most trusted landscape companies in our region. If it’s outside your home or business, we can help you avoid mistakes, save money, and achieve exactly what you envision in landscape architecture. Landscaping is not just our business, it’s our passion.

One stop for all your landscaping needs.

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