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Pearl River School District Every

Superintendent of Schools

Marco Pochintesta

Welcome to the Pearl River School District. As Superintendent of Schools, it has been an honor to lead this district over the last three years. Together, as a school community, we have accomplished much to support our district mission, Every Child Can and Will Learn. From supporting our youngest students with the implementation of full-day kindergarten, to adding new electives at the high school, including Robotics, Computer Science, and Women in History, we continue our focus ofdeveloping students'21st century skills, critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication and collaboration that our students need today and in the future.

While we have made strides, there is more to be done. We will continue to evaluate our programs for students at all levels. We look forward to the opportunities for teaching and learning as our capital improvement projects move from design to construction and completion.

Thank you for your continued support of our students and school community.

Marco F. Pochintesta Superintendent of SchoolsPearl River School District135 West Crooked Hill RoadPearl River, NY 10965 (845) 620-3922 Mary Flanagan , Secretary (845) 620-3922(834) 620-3927 (fax)

Mr.Pochintesta joined the Pearl River School District in2014. As superintendent, he reports to the Board of Education and manages the district's400 faculty and staff members. When he is not in one of the district schools, you can find him in the district administrative offices.

Education : Doctoral Studies in Education, Manhattanville College (in progress) Administration and Supervision, College of New RochelleM.A. in Social StudiesEducation,Lehman CollegeB.A. in Political Science,Fordham University

Experience : 2013-2014: Superintendent of Schools, Wappingers Central School District2012-2013: Interim Superintendent of Schools, Wappingers Central School District2010-2012: Assistant Superintendentfor Administration, Wappingers Central School District2008-2010: Principal, John Jay Senior High School,Wappingers Central School District2005-2008: House Principal,Arlington High School, Arlington CentralSchool District2002-2005: Principal, La Salle Academy; NYC1993-2002: Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, LaSalle Academy, NYC1990-1993: Social Studies Teacher, IS144 Bronx, NY1988-1990: Italian Teacher, St. Raymond's High School, Bronx, NY

Professional Affiliations : New York State Council of School Superintendents Lower Hudson Council of School Superintendents, TreasurerMid-Hudson School Study Council, Executive CommitteeTri-States Consortium Superintendents Study Group

Pearl River School District

Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club, DLSW Tigers U15
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United Services Recreation Club, USRC Premier U15

Sat Sep 30, 01:00PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

United Services Recreation Club, USRC Premier U15
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Pakistan Association Cricket Club, PACC U15

Mon Oct 02, 08:20AM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club, DLSW Cheetahs U15
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Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club, DLSW Tigers U15

Thu Oct 05, 08:20AM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Pakistan Association Cricket Club, PACC U15
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Kowloon Cricket Club, KCC Typhoons U15

Sat Oct 14, 01:00PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

United Services Recreation Club, USRC Premier U15
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Kowloon Cricket Club., KCC Typhoons U15

Sat Nov 04, 01:00PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Kowloon Cricket Club, KCC Typhoons U15
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Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club, DLSW Cheetahs U15

Sun Nov 12, 08:20AM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Hong Kong Cricket Club, HKCC Optimists U15
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Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club, DLSW Cheetahs U15

Sun Nov 19, 08:20AM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club, DLSW Tigers U15
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Hong Kong Cricket Club, HKCC Optimists U15

Sat Dec 02, 01:00PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club, DLSW Cheetahs U15
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United Services Recreation Club, USRC Premier U15

Sun Dec 10, 08:00AM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Pakistan Association Cricket Club, PACC U15
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United Services Recreation Club, USRC Premier U15

Sat Dec 16, 01:00PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Kowloon Cricket Club, KCC Typhoons U15
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Pakistan Association Cricket Club, PACC U15

Sat Jan 20, 01:00PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

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July 10, 2018 07:25:31 AM
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The minute he heard someone use "I googled him" in a sentence, Robert Beard, president of Lexiteria, which publishes , knew the word was likely to be a keeper.

"It's a very good sign," he told TechNewsWorld, "when a word assumes its own characteristics. When it expands or contracts in meaning, for instance, it has a good chance of staying in our vocabulary."

The ultimate -- and official -- indication that a word has reached that level of acceptance, of course, is its inclusion in a respected dictionary. That has just happened with "google."

It is now grammatically correct to use "google" as a transitive verb -- lower case "g" -- according to the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Words With Tech Origins

That "google" made it into the dictionary is not much of a surprise. Given the way technology has invaded every aspect of everyday life, tech-inspired words are entering the general discourse, and eventually dictionaries, at a more rapid pace than new words ever did in the past.

Look at "multitask," says Beard, who is also a professor emeritus and linguistics expert at Bucknell University. "Not that long ago, it used to refer just to software. Now it can mean any task."

"Podcast" and "blog" -- and their variations -- are other examples.

Other new words included in the new edition of Merriam Webster, which is set for fall release, include "spyware," "mouse potato," and "ringtone."

What will be more telling, Beard says, is whether "to google" will be as familiar an expression in 10, or even five, years as it is now. Unlike "podcast" or "blog," "google" is also the name of a specific company, which could -- although it seems inconceivable now -- be acquired or go out of business, Beard pointed out.

It is also possible that the word could just fall out of favor. "Such things do happen," he observed.

"Barnumize," for example, has been replaced by "hype," and "to bogart" has become overshadowed by "to hog." These days, not many people use "bork," (a reference to erstwhile Supreme Court nominee, Robert Bork) to mean blindsided or ambushed.

"I thought that the last one would surely stick, but it seems to have slipped badly," Beard says.

"Barnumize" is based on the name of the original American hype artist, P. T. Barnum, famous for his circus, while "bogart," of course, is a reference to Humphrey Bogart. It originally meant to keep a cigarette in your mouth all the time, but over time it slipped, Beard explained, to a more general meaning: overindulge.

Robert Bork is a Yale law professor who was nominated by the Republicans for the Supreme Court in 1987 but then saw his candidacy sunk by a vigorous campaign launched by Democrats.

"You heard this word well into the 1990s as a general term for 'to screw someone over,'" said Beard. "You can still find it in Microsoft's Encarta dictionary, but other dictionaries have pulled it -- if they included it in the first place."

As Common as Kleenex

Like Bork himself, the company named "Google" is unlikely to be thrilled that its name has made it into the dictionary -- albeit for different reasons. Google has expressed concern in written communications that its brand name could go the way of "kleenex" or "xerox" for instance -- once trademarked products that eventually become generic names for tissue paper and photocopying.

Google probably has a point. While Merriam-Webster defines "googling" as using "the Google search engine to obtain information on the World Wide Web," Beard notes that it could easily refer to any search engine or process.

"It doesn't specifically mean that person is searching Google for information any more," he remarked.

Other companies, though, see their corporate name's entry into the language as a plus.

"It's exciting to see your company name become a description," Nick Fuller, communications manager for GoDaddy, told TechNewsWorld.

"We enjoyed watching the term 'GoDaddy-esque' become a word for something that's fun and edgy," he said.

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